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                                                  A to Z Couriers

Top London based courier company, `A to Z Couriers`have 330 handsets. When Phones for Business first contacted A to Z six years ago, we were able to cut their costs by 30%. In addition we succeeded in streamlining the day to day management of the account, by providing a customer service account manager, (the same person for the whole six years,) who has monitored their voice and data usage, implementing changes and bars as required.
"Aside from the cost issue – and I think you could argue that in 'real terms' you have probably brought our costs down by more like 40% - the thing that makes my life simple isn’t any kind of online management tool, it’s my account manager."


We were able to save BenQ approximately 40% on their mobile bills when they moved to Phones for Business 10 years ago. We continue to monitor their bills ensuring that they remain on the most competitive tariff.

                              Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice

Phones for Business were able to help this charity by consolidating their bills into one account with one start date. Mobile costs were substantially cut and service was boosted.

Hars & Hagebauer

“Since moving over to Phones for Business 10 years ago our bills have significantly been reduced. As well as the cost saving we are extemely happy with the level of customer service and always receive a prompt response from our account manager!”


Inspectorate International were paying over the odds on their mobile bills and were not happy with the customer service from their previous provider. Phones for Business took over the account 4 years ago and Inspectorate International has never looked back. Mobile costs have been reduced and the company has upgraded each year as they are very pleased with the prompt response time for any query.

The Passage, St Vincent’s Centre

A London based homelessness charity with 20 numbers. Mobile costs were reduced by approx. 40% when they moved to Phones for Business four years ago. We have been able to identify savings and reduce their costs even further by careful regular tariff analysis. The Passage have been so happy with the service that they have upgraded every year and have now moved their landline account to Phones for Business as well, thereby saving 35% on their landline costs.

                                                 Unicorn Products

Unicorn Products wanted a local dealer they could trust to deliver a better level of customer service than they had previously experienced without compromising on price. Phones for Business is literally just down the road from the Crockham Hill based company and we are able to pop into their offices within the hour (often within 10 minutes) to deliver replacement sims or collect bills for analysis. It is hard to match the reassurance and peace of mind offered by a local provider.

                                                                                                   Straight talking telecoms

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