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We are Independent

Phones For Business Limited is an independent mobile phone and landline dealership. We offer a wide range of comprehensive packages and a high quality after sales service which experience has shown us is often missing in other companies within the telecommunications industry.

Too often desperate reps try to achieve their monthly targets by mis-selling to companies. By the time you realize you are on the wrong tariff, the rep has changed jobs. You are then stuck with a mis-sold package which is costing your business more than it should.


We can cut your costs by 20% minimum

At Phones for Business we do not have monthly sales targets and signed contracts are thoroughly checked at director level by contacting and confirming with the customer prior to connection. Plus we will guarantee that we can cut your costs by 20% minimum. Give us the chance to explain how!

We do everything we can to keep our customers happy because we are looking for long term customer loyalty. We want to keep your contract when it comes up for renewal.


Managed Provider Transfers

Before we transfer your phones we will ensure that all your mobiles are unlocked. If required we can be onsite to project manage the process on porting day.
We are able to assist with the distribution of new SIMS and handsets to all users. We will demonstrate how to save data and contacts from their old SIMS and handsets and transfer this information to their new SIMS and handsets. We can also provide training and advice on the use of new devices.


Landlines Services

We also offer landline services, broadband and VOIP. Changing your landline provider is very straightforward; it simply means a change in your billing.

There is no engineer’s visit required, nor will any changes to your existing equipment be necessary.

We offer a quarterly review service for your bills and we constantly monitor the market. This means that we can ensure that you remain on the most appropriate tariff at all times.

Usually we can save you approximately 25% on your landline bills.

                                                                                              Straight talking telecoms

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