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Repair Service

Phones for Business customers benefit from our repair or replacement service.

All repairs are carried out promptly at our in house repair centre and if required we can provide a loan handset whilst repairs are completed. We also offer a full repair service to the public and can repair premium handsets at far less than the market price.


Data Sims

We can provide data SIMS for tablet devices, internet dongles and MyFi.
There are many different tariffs some with hidden penalties if you go over your usage cap. By careful bill analysis we can recommend the tariff most appropriate for your needs and continue to monitor your usage in order to ensure that you are not caught out by hefty and avoidable data charges.



We can arrange insurance for your mobile phones and office equipment at very competitive prices. Bronze, silver and gold cover protection plans are available, prices vary according to handset, but for example, Gold cover for an iPhone, which includes full doorstep handset swap out, is £5.79 per month.

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• Changing your landline provider is simple and hassle free.
• It simply means a change in the billing.
• No engineer visits are required.
• No new equipment is required.
• There are no interruptions of service.
• We guarantee a saving of 25% on your landline bills.


Car kits and Trackers

Any time, any place, any car - fully installed Bluetooth car kits at discount prices! We can arrange this for your convenience. We can also install kits for tracking systems and offer a service which can track the location of your vehicles from your office computer.

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