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This is why with Phones for Business Limited

  • You will never find yourself on hold listening to an entire symphony while you are shuffled between departments, before finally being cut off.

  • You will never have to explain your query from scratch to 5 different people, before you find someone who will agree to do something.

  • You will never phone up to find that there is no trace of your previous contact.

Local Service

Phones For Business Limited is a family owned and family run company situated in the small town of Edenbridge, Kent. The directors have lived and worked in Edenbridge for many years. We appreciate the importance of integrity and reliability in business and the reassurance that choosing a locally based telecoms provider can offer. Our office at Mill Court, Mill Hill, Edenbridge is easily accessible from the town and has ample provision for visitor parking.

As a Phones For Business customer or prospective customer, you are very welcome to call in at our office in person at any time during office hours. Alternatively if you are in the local area, we can come to your office the same day if required. The enhanced level of service offered by a local company cannot be overestimated. Just think how convenient it would be to be able to get a replacement sim or loan handset delivered by hand within the hour.

If you choose Phones For Business Limited as your telecoms provider, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting a first rate service at a highly competitive tariff and supporting a business you can trust within your local community.
Phones For Business Ltd is a member of the Edenbridge Chamber of Commerce.

Straight talking telecoms

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